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Angels and Electrons: A Sub-Suburb Tale
by Paul Hawkins

Genre/Category: General and Literary Fiction
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Angels and Electrons: A Sub-Suburb Tale by Paul Hawkins
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Murder, mayhem, deep depression, and an attempt to contact angels or aliens - all in the wake of Oklahoma's oil bust of the 1980's. Germans, plans of apokalypse, a forgotten World War II invention, and the faint possibility of redemption - all a stone's throw from the baitshop and the trailer park.

Blaise Bohrs is a young man who is haunted by the suicide of his father. Can he overcome the temptation to follow in his father's footsteps and listen to the void for the voices of the eternal? What might he hear? Filled with colorful characters, Faustian temptations, and pure Old Testament wrath, Angels and Electrons is a different sort of 'coming of age' novel. PLOVANDO!

Connect with the author : https://www.facebook.com/paulhawkinsauthoradventurerexplorer

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