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A Hyme for a Dyme by S J Garrett
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A Hyme for a Dyme by S J Garrett
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'Hyme for a Dyme' is a lyrical piece that’s unsettling at times but mostly pleasant as it unfolds and redeems itself. Its title might infer to some that it's a story of finding God but it is not. It's a coming of age story that becomes a quest for wisdom story.

The novel is set in the mid-seventies and partly in a fictional central Ontario town called Shelagh and partly in the real city of Toronto. It's a story of three young friends, each of them reared as best as possible by their single moms. The three spend their seventeenth summer in an idyllic north-central Ontario town 'partying' and hanging-out just like any other seventeen year olds would and perhaps this would be for their last time as three tight friends before it's all going to inevitably change - college, dead-end jobs, small town living and the usual 'find a life' kind of thing were all seemingly just ahead on the horizon - but of course that is not what happens. The last big party the ‘Three Amigos’ were saving for the ‘Labor-Day’ weekend changes everything and sends the narrator, Paul on a quest for wisdom.

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