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The Frozen Ocean By David M. Antonelli
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The Frozen Ocean By David M. Antonelli
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A timeless a story of rebellious youth and tragic love set in an anonymous metropolis that could be anywhere in the modern world.

Jackie is an enigmatic teenager obsessed with dark Japanese comics and vintage motorcycles who is repelled by the future life set out for him by adult society. His efforts to seek revenge on his enemies and steal a statue to impress a girl escalate into arson and when his best friend takes all the blame he gets sent away to reform school. The girl's father then falls in love with Jackie's mother and moves in. When he learns of Jackie's designs on his daughter, he forbids Jackie to see her and sends her away to a catholic boarding school.

Torn away from everything that means anything to him he begins to relish dark fantasies about killing his mother's new lover, who he sees as the centre of all his problems. But when his best friend escapes from reform school and hides out in Jackie's garage these fantasies strangely come true and Jackie is forced to escape.

Tormented by thoughts of whether the murder was premeditated or accidental, he becomes a fugitive in the inner city and after being abandoned by his best friend he seeks to rekindle his love for the girl and make a new life outside the grips of the law and adult society, a futile quest that ultimately ends in tragedy.

Inspired as much by Rebel Without a Cause or Quadrophenia as it is by Dostoevsky, Mishima, or Faulkner, The Frozen Ocean is a dark psychological thriller guaranteed to mesmerise to the very end.

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