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Crossing the Mirage - Passing through Youth
By BS Murthy

Category: General & Literary Fiction Books
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Crossing the Mirage - Passing through Youth
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Crossing the Mirage is about passing through youth that of Chandra, Nithya and Sathya.

Chandra the protagonist suffers from an inferiority complex occasioned by his perceived ugliness. The novel depicts many facets of the mirages of malady that Chandra chases amidst the sands of hope oblivious of the possibilities of the future and thus descends on a journey of disarray, in the track of life, paved by his past ethos. And that despairs him till his chance meeting with Nithya, a jilted girl with the strength of immense character. At one level, ‘Crossing the Mirage’ is the story of Chandra’s self-discovery and Nithya’s retribution of Vasu who tries to stalk her. And on another plane, Crossing the Mirage portrays the pitfalls of unrequited love through the life and times of Sathya that intertwines with that of Chandra, all captured in twenty-seven chapters;

1.Shackles on Psyche 2. End of the Tether 3. Burden of Freedom 4. Onto the Turf
5. Respite by Death 6. Lessons of Life 7. Naivety of Love 8. Dilemma of Disclosure
9. Perils of Youth 10. Absurd Proposal 11. Crossing the Mirage 12. Setting the Pace
13. Oasis of Bliss 14. Busy bees in Honeycomb 15. Twist in the Tale 16. Love in the Bind 17. Turn for the Worse 18. Shadows to the Fore 19. Spurring to Err 20. Tempting the Fate 21. Stooping to Conquer 22. Fouling the Soul 23. Poetic Justice 24. Agony of Penitence 25. Embrace of Love 26. Life of a Kind 27. Just Deserts.

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