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Mermaid Tales By Wendy Webb
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Mermaid Tales By Wendy Webb
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The mermaid of the Least Coast searches the Norfolk Broads, and travels the seas, in search of self. With many characters enroute.

A series of stories with PERDITA, mermaid of the Least Coast.

See also on Obooko: Perdita and the Land of Forget-Me-Nots, a complete prose tale.
Many characters and places you may recognise. A long poem, telling an epic tale (tail?).

Excerpt from A Mermaid's tale (1:)

There is a mermaid of the cold North Sea that seasons to the past of tides that free her neverwhere, so she may walk on land and in that magic place her two feet stand.

She goes there every holiday to paddle and leave her duck flesh where it cannot waddle beyond the ugly farmyard of her hell, for splashing on the shore, she feels quite well.

She sings her driftwood into waves of sound that chatter like dull sparrows, all around, where she is dun as every other duck that lives at home without the need for books.

Lost into make-believe she drifts away and nothing visible, but fat, will stray beyond that bright tomorrow’s colour plates where her soul lives and breathes, and eats and waits.

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