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Fly Whither, Finch By Paul Hawkins
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Fly Whither, Finch by Paul Hawkins
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A middle-age man must come to terms with being a widower and seeing his old neighborhood lost to urban renewal, all while trying to improve his relationship with his estranged son.

“And so the three generations of Finch women met, drawn to the funeral from their disparate rough lives, and over conversations and the quest for antique butter churns and milk jugs for their country kitchens, they were gradually drawn into a common bond of understanding of the heart that lives in the shackles of its own design, a slave at once its own slave master, burdened only by the denial of what it can be, in moments of clarity it tries to avoid, the bold liberty of freedom denied out of duty, the heart too proud to be vulnerable, too injured to risk again, too young to be wise and too worldly to remember the untutored wisdom of youth, the desire to be free – a sensucht for a never-was that was nonetheless the only thing that it was made for, to want more than it could achieve, the rough and tumble of love, and to share that dream because only sharing it brought it closer, with the one you loved, opening a portal through which the impossible might be seen but not touched, if but for a moment almost in reach, when the language of denial has melted in the orange and purple hues of a sky that is neither dawn nor twilight but is the quiet place where someday greater things might be, a light of which the sun and moon are only promises, desire and desire and desire like a light that, finally, will never set. Fly whither, Finch, fly, whither? Fly free!”

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