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Sweet Anomalies By S J Garrett
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Sweet Anomalies -  S J Garrett
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There's been another serious economic downturn. Imagine that. And of course, the local real estate market and new home building industry have both suffered terribly. And additionally, the once vibrant car manufacturing and automotive parts industries that at one time employed so many us both directly and indirectly - they too, have also made a serious retreat. Thus, the once slightly upscale, satellite community of Peters Corners has become a human desert of sorts. Now, there are only three remaining homes that are still occupied left on Jake's court and that too, is counting his own.

And guess what? It's all about to change. And not in any way that one would expect it to. Sweet Anomalies is a story of chance, accident, fate, serendipity, and happenstance and all of it - set in modern day Ontario.

And so, it has been a challenging couple of years of late for the novel's narrator who is just sixty years young and justly: a little cranky these days - what with his unplanned early retirement and the untimely death of his beloved wife Julie just two years past now, and who by the way, he still talks with when he feels the need for such or perhaps more often than not after imbibing in a few too many drinks when he finds himself feeling a bit lonely. But nonetheless, the few friends and neighbours that are still left in Peters Corners - they seem to keep Jake engaged in his life - if only his crazy world would just cooperate more.

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