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Diary of a Human Target - Book 3: Homestretch By Isidora Vey

Category: General & Literary Fiction Books
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Diary of a Human Target (Book Three) - Homestretch. By Isidora Vey
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The Blood Between Us - Daniel DevineThe Path Towards the Inside -Isidora Vey

Despite her continual efforts to improve her life, Yvonne finally realizes that everything changes so that nothing ever changes for her: wherever she goes, she always faces hostility, contempt, intrigues, misfortunes, failures.

As a result, she comes to understand what kind of evil forces hide behind the veneer of human civilization and who her real enemies are.

The consequences are like running-fire: After yearlong mobbing at work, she ends up unemployed. She is completely isolated from friends and acquaintances. Dreams become nightmares.

When everything seems to be lost, Yvonne begins to suspect what her real destiny in life is...