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Only the Albatross Remembers by Ananda Wolf
The Money Suckers by Walt Thiessen
Say Goodbye by Lewis Shiner
Carnival by Ron Sanders
Ragnarok by Tax Fries
The Internal Clock by Michael Fridman
Skeeter by Anne L. Watson
The Excess Road by Joshua Lee Andrew Jones
Field of Reeds by Andrew Starling
Feeney's Part by Marc Heberden
Outside Man by Marc Heberden
The Big Tide by Marc Heberden
Meta Game by Sam Landstrom
How and why Lisa's Dad got to be famous by Michael Allen
54 by Wu Ming
Runaways by Doug Lambeth
Schuberta - Giota Tsiliki
12 Steps by Darren R. Hawkins
The God Connection by Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.
A Peaceable Kingdom by Richard Borovsky
Three of Hearts by Richard Borovsky
The Song the Birds Forgot by Richard Borovsky
Dominion by J. L. Bryan
Still Life with Psychotic Squirrel by C. B. Smith
Epitaphs of a Broken Society by Brennan Chadwick Emerson
Belthar's Garden by Martin Hatchuel
The Cr6 Terrorist by K A Shott
The Singing Loch by Michael Graeme
A Spider Ballet by Tax Fries
The Wulfmarsh Weekend by Tax Fries
An excerpt from general and literary fiction novel The Money Suckers by Walt Thiessen:' The Knight household didn't resemble a typical family, particularly among the upper crust. The hired help never ate with such a family, but Justin changed that practice immediately after his wife's death. He couldn't bring himself to eat alone with his daughter. He desired adult companionship and instructed certain members of his staff to join them for dinner every night. It evolved into a private family tradition. The chosen staff members felt tense ...