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In the future this will not be necessary by Paul Samael
Deserted Cities of the Heart by Lewis Shiner
Angels and Electrons by Paul Hawkins
Cheap Complex Devices by John Compton Sundman
Bring the War Home! by Barry S. Willdorf
Homeless Like Me by Donald James Parker
Angels of Interstate 29 by Donald James Parker
Click by Kristopher Young
I Arrived in Soul Before Body by Nik Edge
Rainbow Gliding Hawk by Doug Lambeth
Bashed by Barbara Marquardt
Chergui's Child by Jane Riddell
The Indian and the Cowboy by Tom Hoke
The Hermit of Turkey Hill by Loyd Fueston, Jr
Corporate Sex by Loyd Fueston, Jr
A Man for Every Purpose by Loyd Fueston, Jr
Maggots of Heresy by Michael Fridman
After We're Free by Vince Perritano
Closer Than Breathing - A Light Gay Odyssey by Alan Keslian
Goodmans Hotel by Alan Keslian
Orange Car with Stripes by Tom Lichtenberg
Missy Tonight by Tom Lichtenberg
Macedonia by Tom Lichtenberg
Bobby and the Bedouins by Tom Lichtenberg
Phantom of the Mall by Tom Lichtenberg
The Endless Adventures of Infoman by Tom Lichtenberg
The Hitler File by Sam Vaknin
Homeless Like Me by Donald James Parker
Die Furcht by Charles Coiro
Light through the Cracks by Rebecca Raymer
Here's a piece from general books and novels title, Bashed, written by Barbara Marquardt: 'He was well over six feet tall and surely weighed more than 200 pounds, seemingly all muscle. He had been on the football team briefly, and the girls seemed to go ga-ga over him. The rare times he came to class, even girls who were otherwise good students would stop their work, change their seat to be closer to his, and spend the period flirting with him, totally ignoring everything Jean said to them about the effect this might have on their grades ...