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Hero by Ron Sanders
Dead Pan and Joe Progress by Andrew Starling
Glimpses by Lewis Shiner
Melanie by Jose Rodriguez
Snapshots of Modern Love by Jose Rodriguez
Addiction by Jose Rodriguez
An American Tale by Jose Rodriguez
The Drunken Parakeet by Justin Qwits
Anna the Human - Richard Shekari
Fixture by Tom Lichtenberg
The Death of Osama bin Laden by Gary J Byrnes
Fragments from Chronos by J.J. Loe
Unknown Hope... by Zahid Ahmed
333 Miles by Craig Birk
A Year in Fife Park by Quinn Wilde
The Narcissist by David M. Antonelli
The False Man by David M. Antonelli
Kerouac's Scroll by Charles Deemer
Perdita and the Land of Forget-Me-Nots by Wendy Webb
Love at Ground Zero by Charles Deemer
Self-Playing Chess by D.Z. Kalnina
Fergyville Episode 1: The New Plan by Katina Ferguson
Hogtown by David Allan Barker
Faces by Ron Sanders
Weightlessness by Marc Jones
Double Spaced Anachronistic Propaganda by Ethan Hunter
The Prodigals by Frank Burton
The Hole in the Wall by Clare Fisher
Last Exit to Pine Lake by Lenny Everson
The Kelly Chronicles by S. Bowen
Here is a taste of 333 Miles by Craig Birk, from our general books and novels category: 'The cashier working Alex’s register was a short Mexicanmale in his late twenties. His name was Jose, according to the red and white name tag attached to his uniform. Though theJack in the Box employee English as a Second Language program, Jose had become a fluent English speaker over the past two years. In another six months, he would be promoted to shift manager and make more money per month than he ever imagined when he lived just over the border in Tecate ...