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Shepherd Creed by Paul Hawkins
The Man Who Could Not Be Seen - Charles Coiro
Rajasthan by Charles Coiro
My Island is Beautiful by Alex Sass
The Spirit of Harlem by Felicity Savage
Drums by Brad Henderson
Greenville: Where Longing Meets Loss by Mary Warner
My Name is Kyle by Mark Higham
The Boston 395 by S.S. Raees
Cybettian Geometry with Procedures for War at Peace by Conrad Sarvis
One Clown Short by Linda C. Wright
Inbetween by David Antonelli
The Candidate by David Antonelli
The Forest by David M. Antonelli
Jenny Rhodes - Charles Coiro
Jenny Scilizzi - Charles Coiro
Jeremy's Path By Charles Coiro
Crossings by Charles Coiro
Gilly, Jazz & Jimbo by Charles Coiro
Aaron by Charles Coiro
Claire et Albert by Charles Coiro
A Condor Seeking the Sea by Charles Coiro
Milazza and Furnari by Charles Coiro
The Desert Sands & the Stars By Charles Coiro
Heat Stroke by Mike Crowson
Only the Darkness by Mike Crowson
The Rings of Poseidon by Mike Crowson
End of the Age: Final Deception by Angela Kay
Desert Town Angels: Part One by R. A. Lee
The Land by David Allan Barker
The general books and novels section includes The Man Who Could Not Be Seen by Charles Coiro - here's an excerpt: 'Ethan Blume had been posted to the town and taught the local children the basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills plus a good dose of church teaching. When Blume was approached by Gilda La Araigne for help in placing her two oldest sons so that they could learn the ways of the Church, she also showed her appreciation by bringing Blume fresh vegetables from her farm as well as an occasional jar of fruit preserves ...