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Fly Whither, Finch By Paul Hawkins
Truth and Consequences By Esther Minskoff
Lament - a tale based on the poem by Dylan Thomas - Charles Coiro
Bombardirovka by Crystal Allene Cook
A New Spartan: Nikos Kokiniakos by Charles Coiro
A Hyme for a Dyme by S J Garrett
Itchy Donner by Doug Lambeth
Cheong No-Won by Charles Coiro
The Mountain by David M. Antonelli
American Paranoid Restaurant by Caleb Hildenbrandt
The Flair by Jonny Newell
A Silence of Stones by Charles Coiro
Waiting for Janos By Charles Coiro
In the future this will not be necessary by Paul Samael
The Rise Of Peace by Dr Hafiz Shahid
The Lemon Thief's Ex-Wife's Third Cousin by Tom Lichtenberg
A Fable For Fountains by Charles Coiro
A Fable For Fountains by Charles Coiro
Benign Flame: Saga of Love By BS Murthy
Crossing the Mirage - Passing through Youth By BS Murthy
Jewel-less Crown: Saga of Life By BS Murthy
Glaring Shadow - A stream of consciousness novel
Towards A Rainbow by Charles Coiro
The Labyrinth of Comte du Piege By Charles Coiro
Om Shanti… 24hrs of a multinational Joboholic Trance Fiction By Swami Hridayananda
The Cousins of Wales By Charles Coiro
The Frozen Ocean By David M. Antonelli
Angels and Electrons by Paul Hawkins is a popular read in the general books and novels section - here is a snippet: 'Five long years after his sisters left him, and his girl left him, Blaise had been stuck with his old man, who was stuck in his own inertia, brought on years before by the death of his wife and the sudden replacement of vacuum tube electronics with solid state circuitry - for he was a TV repair man - and the events conspired to make a man whose brain had grown up dancing on electrons and unraveling their physics now collapse ...