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Muscle Memory by Alexander Hope

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Genre/Category: Health Books, Self Help
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Muscle Memory by Alexander Hope
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Ebook Synopsis

Tired of sitting back and watching others get all of the rewards in life? Start a program of self-improvement today. Muscle Memory is one of the easiest to understand and execute. You can read Muscle Memory and toss it aside. That same attitude has been your problem in the past. If you had just tried. If you had gone through the pain of starting a new regimen, you wouldn’t be going through the pain of not fulfilling your dreams now. Life appears to have one very simple formula: Pain now. Or pain later. You have the choice. If you are willing to suffer through the sacrifices of a new regimen now, things will become easier later. If you put off the need to discipline yourself because you want to watch TV or be with your friends or you think you need a few extra hours sleep, invariably you have not escaped the suffering, you have just put it off. The years slip by and you still have not done any of the things that could make you happy and fulfilled. Get off your backside. Get out of the house. Change your attitude. Live as though this is the last hour you can possibly begin the first step on your journey to a new life. Take that first step. The first step is to reprogram your mind and thereby your attitude. You can use meditation or self-hypnosis. But instead, why don't you take a real challenge and improve your body while you improve your mind. Get serious about Muscle Memory.