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How to Find Lost Objects By Professor Solomon
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How to Find Lost Objects By Professor Solomon
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Have you seen the Professor's highly entertaining video poems?

"How to Find Lost Objects" describes Professor Solomon's unique method for finding a lost object. It features his Twelve Principles, Ten Tips, Common Mistakes to Beware, and more. Included are instructions for making and using a Eureka-Stik.

Young and old, rich and poor, city folks and farmers - we’re all constantly losing things.

It’s an age-old problem - as old as the pyramids. And one that’s not about to go away.

Every day millions of objects are misplaced around the world. Among them are wallets, rings, keys, scissors, sweaters, notebooks, eyeglasses, theatre tickets, important documents - you name it. (A circus elephant is said to have been lost recently in Florida!) Many of these objects are never recovered; possibly a billion dollars’ worth annually. (Their sentimental value, of course, is incalculable.) Even more disturbing is the time spent looking for such objects. The average person could spend up to two months of his life searching - often fruitlessly - for things he has lost.

Then there’s the “nuisance factor” associated with missing objects. The cars that can’t be started. The books that can’t be read. The business that can’t be conducted. Millions of people experience such frustrations daily. It is something that touches each of our lives, and that can make a nightmare of an ordinary day - that can drive us to distraction!

But the incredible fact is this: each and every one of those objects - the tickets, the eyeglasses, the elephant - could have been found. Easily. Within minutes.

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