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World's Greatest Health & Exercise Myths.
By Russell Eaton

Genre/Category: Health Books, Self Help
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World's Greatest Health & Exercise Myths. By Russell Eaton
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Ebook Synopsis

Advances in medical science and the latest research are now finally revealing that some of the most widely believed myths are just that: myths. You are urged to see the truly life-changing and thought-provoking information in this free ebook. It will leave you looking in a new direction when it comes to protecting your good health and well-being.

In this unusual book you will discover exactly why cholesterol is good for health - the higher the level of blood cholesterol the better. Why polyunsaturated oils are in fact much worse for health than saturated fat and lard, and why a high fat diet is much healthier than a low fat diet.

This e-book reveals in shocking detail the truth about some of the most treasured and widespread myths in the world. Pet beliefs that we have been brainwashed to believe are turned on their head, based on the latest scientific evidence. For example, oily fish such as sardines, herring, salmon and trout are widely believed to be good for the heart but in fact they actually cause heart disease. Equally, all kinds of fish oil supplements are shown to greatly increase the risk of cancer, heart failure, diabetes and brain disease.

Among the world's greatest myths you will also discover why all kinds of exercise are bad for health, however little the exercise. In fact, exercise is responsible for millions of documented deaths worldwide, and is a major cause of heart disease and diabetes. For the first time ever, this book reveals startling new research showing that exercise is a major cause of cancer.