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Back Pain: How to get rid of it Forever
(Volume 1: The Causes)
By John Perrier

Genre/Category: Health Books, Self Help
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Back Pain: How to get rid of it Forever - John Perrier
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Ebook Synopsis

Volume 1: Causes, is the first book in a series of two. In this free ebook I will show you how to change and enhance the quality of life by eradicating back pain for good. Discover how your spine works via its structure and learn to understand the reality behind most common pain-inducing conditions.


About five billion people around the planet are currently suffering, or will soon suffer from, spinal pain of some sort. No, I didn’t take a survey. Medical statistics tell us that about 80% of people will have back problems at some stage during their lives, so my estimate is probably pretty accurate. Five billion cases of back problems! That’s a lot of pain. Yet I’m sure that, for you, one case stands out above the rest: Yours.

This book is all about your back pain. And, of course, what you can do to get rid of it. Back pain is not only very common, it is also very likely to recur. Four out of every five back pain sufferers will have more than one attack. Many of these people develop chronic pain that persists for months, years or even decades. This book is dedicated to preventing these all-too-common repeat, or chronic, problems.

Of course if you’ve just suffered from your first case of this dreaded affliction, then the techniques and tips that follow will help ensure that it is your last.

As you’ll soon come to appreciate, back pain is a very individual problem. Techniques that help one person’s pain can cripple someone else. For example, consider these two vastly different cases:

+ An eighty-year-old retiree, whose back stiffens and aches after he has been sitting in his easy chair for an hour, and + A fifteen-year-old gymnast, whose lower spine catches with a sharp pain each time she does a back flip.

These two types of problems are totally different, and so require separate solutions. Likewise, I’m sure your spine has its own unique characteristics and problems. As we go we’ll explore various types of spinal problems, and then provide specific, tailored advice for your particular case. In this way, you will learn solutions that are likely to help your problem, not someone else’s.

Like most worthwhile pursuits, the solutions may require some hard work. You may have to make changes to yourself, to your habits, your lifestyle, and even to your way of thinking, if you hope to permanently alleviate your back problems. This book will show you how, and why, you need to take these important steps.

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