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Fail, Survive or Thrive. A book about Marriage
By Cassie and David Beattie

Genre/Category: Self Help
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Fail, Survive or Thrive. By Cassie and David Beattie
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Ebook Synopsis

My husband and I wrote this book together, it is our first foray into writing together and it is a book about Marriage. What we have learned from failed marriages and our intention is to encourage others to learn and grow as a couple.

One of our friends recently got married and on visiting him started me thinking why we are so very happily married? What had we as a couple done right? So I started writing a few notes which kept expanding which became a booklet then after a few days asked my wife to co-write it so we would have a balanced view, by this time she had already written her first couple of pages of thoughts.

I once heard a minister say he would not marry anyone until they had first gone through marriage counselling; I thought this was tough and intrusive but in hindsight marriage is so different from being single, few people are prepared for the change and this is reflected in the divorce rates.

I now realise the minister just wanted the best for the couples because being married and being engaged has little to do with the wedding day. It is so easy while engaged for a couple to be side tracked and put all their effort into planning the wedding but not the marriage. Planning for a marriage has everything to do with the changes you have to make to accommodate the other person in your life.

The reality of life is sometimes hard to accept, having been responsible in part for a failed and also very happy marriage I do not want to go through another failure and I want my friends to have a successful marriage as well, while I will keep working to ensure my marriage thrives.

As a couple we hope with a positive expectation that this workbook will help your ensure your marriage thrives.