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Self help books have always been popular but have come into their own in recent years. A mix of people wanting to find the silver bullet to make them a better person or take a shortcut to a healthier life, and people who want to seriously progress and develop themselves but don’t know how.

Health, and especially anything to do with weight loss is huge genre. Every possible diet under the sun exists in health books but there always seems to be more and more published to suit every need and changing times. As we understand more about the needs of our bodies and the chemical make up of foods there is no shortage of nutrition books to show us how best to fuel ourselves.

In self help and personal development books there are many popular sub genres. Even as far back as 1936, Dale Carnegie was addressing the subject with his classic How to Win Friends and Influence People. Still very popular today and the fundamentals still hold firm. Everyone who deals with people should be made to read this. Maybe it should be added to the school curriculum.

In modern times there is a lot of focus on getting ahead at work and in your career. Success and especially financial success is covered in many personal development books showing different mind-sets and techniques we can use to achieve what we want.

The area of personal productivity, at its most basic, to get more done in less time is the kind of self help book every budding executive will have read. Modern classics like David Allen’s 'Getting Things Done' are on the shelf of every business person. There are huge numbers of books in this area dealing with everything from making meetings more efficient to becoming a genius at prioritizing your workload. Wherever the gap in your workflow, there is a book with a proclaimed solution!

Another area becoming more and more important in the workplace and especially with more remote work opportunities is in networking with others. There are many self help books to help you with this. Whether you are already a master networker and want to brush up on technique or are a shy introvert who needs to get out of their shell.

Self Help Books, Nutrition and Health

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Free ebook: How to Boost your Metabolism
Narcissism Revisited Excerpts - Sam Vaknin
YOGA. Physiology, Psychosomatics, Bioenergetics - Andrey Safronov
The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles
Living More Life by Don Mortimer
It’s Not You, It’s Your Strategy by Hillary Rettig
Dreams A-Z by Gustavus Hindman Miller
Funforms, learn math the easy way - Joel S. Steinberg
Bath, Hair & Skincare Recipes by Janet Lee
150 Quotes About Success And Life by Wael El-Manzalawy
Bad Breath to Sweet Breath - Harry Constantine
Your Guide To Treating Fibromyalgia by Terry Springer
Pregnancy Signs by Tania Tod
Better Ways to Stay Healthy in Asian Tropics by Bryan Walker and Kalpana Patel
True Calling by Laura Marie Patterson
Faster Fitness and Effective Weight Loss by Susan Jones
Heal the Abuse - Recover Your Life by Jason Goodwin
Back Pain: How to get rid of it Forever - John Perrier
Learn Body Language Magic for Success
The Developmental Psychology of Psychopathology by Sam Vaknin
100 Incredible Happiness Hacks by Meghashyam Chirravoori
Muscle Memory by Alexander Hope
Save My Skin Get Rid of Wrinkles Quickly, Easily and Naturally!
Are You Sure You Want Fries With That? Alyssa Staheli
Healthier Living Tips Inspired by Chinese Medicine by Toffler Niemuth

Another subject of self help books is the area of dating and relationships. Some people are just not good at meeting others and forming meaningful connections. There are many personal development books to help give you a head start and help you figure out where you might be going wrong. Not everything will work for you but put something into action from a free ebook and if no success, move on to the next technique.