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Collateral Lies By Dean Talboys
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Genre/Category: History & World Events
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Collateral Lies -  Dean Talboys
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Ebook Synopsis

On Tuesday, September 11th, 2001, the USA was rocked by the most audacious terrorist attack ever attempted as four airliners on domestic flights were hijacked and used as weapons. Their targets were the iconic Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol building. While the fourth plane never reached its target and the Pentagon suffered minor damage, the attack on the Twin Towers was so effective that both 110 storey buildings collapsed within 90 minutes. It was an unprecedented disaster, not only for the nature of the attacks, during which Boeing 767s were flown by novice pilots at well beyond the operational limits of the aircraft, but also in the way the towers collapsed so catastrophically within their own footprints, as in a controlled demolition. It had all the hallmarks of a conspiracy and theories discrediting almost every aspect of the official story were quick to surface.

In the first part of Collateral Lies, the author questions the motives of the terrorists and introduces a unique perspective on why the towers were targeted so high up on the morning of September 11th. The second part examines documented evidence of the build-up to the attacks, the Central Intelligence Agency’s failure in allowing them to happen, and a disturbing recreation of what really occurred on the day. The third part of the book discusses the history of the World Trade Center from conception until their destruction. It pulls no punches in summarizing events on the day of the attack from the explosions in the Twin Towers through to their collapse, analysis of the debris, media coverage, the suspicious behaviour of the Israeli removals men, and the official report. The conclusion to Collateral Lies is as unique as the start.

Throughout the book the author has avoided the use of photo or diagram, relying instead on his own words to describe in detail what is happening in broadcast news and amateur video of the events. It includes many aspects the casual observer would overlook and raises questions of complicity on the part of people credited with capturing footage of the attacks..

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