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Looking to learn or improve a skill? Trying to get a hang of that game you love but wish you could play better? Seeking to add new hobbies to those on your resume? The hobby books, crafts and pastimes genre has got something to satisfy all your needs.

Feels really good to learn a new skill or a new game or to add a new hobby to your list of things you love to do. Can be very exciting too. Sometimes we stumble upon things we want to gain more knowledge on but have no one around to coach us. You can turn to Obooko craft ideas books for help. We have put together books on arts and craftsmanship, games and hobbies for your reading pleasure. It really doesn't have to be so difficult to learn a new skill.

If you think you need additional hobbies and crafts to spice up your life but do not know how to go about it, you can just read any of the free hobby books on Obooko. For instance, if you would love to learn how to play the guitar, but need very detailed guidelines to help you master the skill, you can read "Learn blues guitar". The book has lots of positive rating and will create a pathway for you to easily work around the strings of the guitar to create blues music. There's also "Learn guitar easily" that takes you through every string and note on the guitar. Both books are by fuzzball.

Craft books are also available in this genre to help you with DIY in the home. For those who love to make decorations, and to know about different flower arrangements or centerpieces, you’re sure to find a book here to help you with you next bouquet adventure. For woodworks and basic fixes around the home, there are also craft ideas books to put you through on how to go about them.

Some hobbies are quite intellectual, such as solving a puzzle or an intense IQ game. This genre has free books to help you become a master in whatever hobby you have chosen. It dissects every puzzle one after the other and gives you hints on how to go about linking the pieces together. Games can be really fun especially when you have the necessary tactics right at your fingertips.

“Composers, artists and groups” is an informational book by Mrs. C.A Hutchins about various artists and composers of music. It draws the reader in on how these composers think and what led to them making a particular kind of music. Highly recommended for those who will like to know the roots of various types of music.

So, when next you’re looking to learn new hobbies and crafts, be sure to stop by on Obooko. There’s always something that fits what you are looking for.

Free Hobby and Craft ebooks

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Scale and Arpeggio Resources: A Guitar Encyclopedia by Rich Cochrane
The Philippine Lemons by Rey Bajenting
Learn Guitar Easy by Fuzzball
Learn Blues Guitar Easy by Fuzzball
Hank Williams Songs and Chords by Fuzzball
Learn All Instruments Easy by Fuzzball
Composers, Artists & Groups by Mrs C A Hutchins
Banjo Notes by Will Lankstead
The Puzzlers Cookbook: Issue 1 by Mrs C A Hutchins
The Puzzlers Cookbook: Issue 2 by Mrs C A Hutchins
Off the carousel by Girish Menon
DIY Edible Centerpieces by Lana Glass
Common sense bridge for beginners. By Paddy O'Farrell
Woodworking joints fpr beginners and experts.
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Learn Guitar Easy by Fuzzball is a favoured hobby and craft title on obooko; music being one of the most popular pastimes - here is a snippet from this ebook download: 'Can you drive? Remember when you learned to drive? You had to do all the silly exercises and teach your muscles to change gear and know where the pedals were without looking. There were a lot of new things to remember, new habits to get into. Then you had to do a test. Now you can go anywhere in your car. Learning guitar is just like that, perfecting scales and chord changes might be a drag ...