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Blood of a Marionette by Timothy J. Sparklin

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Genre/Category: Horror and Supernatural
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Blood of a Marionette by Timothy J. Sparklin
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Ebook Synopsis

She rushed forward into the open space, dodged around the police officer, and grabbed at the body. Her actions pulled the obscured body out of the wet brush and revealed it to the crowd. There was a collective gasp. In the early morning light, the corpse’s eyes glared at the crowd. There was a massive wound at the neck that had almost severed the head. The woman stopped cradling the head and moved her hand to join the other in order to hug the body. With that motion the head fell back, separating the last few attached strands of flesh and fell with a gentle thump into the brush as bits of blood dripped from the headless torso. She screamed and Lazarus and Scarlett heard someone behind them voiding their stomach of that morning’s breakfast.