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Shock Therapy by Edgar Arbogast

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Genre/Category: Horror and Supernatural
Standard Copyright
Ebook Format: PDF
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Shock Therapy by Edgar Arbogast
Ebook Synopsis

WHEN CINDY WAKES UP, SHE WILL HAVE HELL TO PAY! In this gripping novel of relentless horror, a young girl is kidnapped and tortured brutally by a strange cult of mutant freaks. Lost and alone, she finds herself trapped in the bowels of a bizarre asylum for the insane. But is their a terrible secret being hidden from her by those that should be her friends? This novel is a terrifying journey into the depths of supernatural horror and devil worship, shocking monstrosity and sadistic violence. Prepare yourself: Shock Therapy will leave you breathless! About the Author: Ed Arbogast lives in Shreveport, Connecticut with two cats and a German Shepherd. When he isn't writing for magazines under various names, he likes to photograph nature.