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314 Crescent Manor by M. Jones
Ritual of Blood by C J Wright
Are These Eyeballs? by Garry Charles
Shredder by Garry Charles
Twisted Imaginings 1 by Garry Charles
Twisted Imaginings 2 by Garry Charles
Twisted Imaginings 3 by Garry Charles
Twisted Imaginings 4 by Garry Charles
Valhalla Unleashed by Garry Charles
Devil of a Ghost Tour by Coral and Matt Russell
Shirtwaist Ghosts by Coral and Matt Russell
What the Dead Fear by Lea Ryan
The Gospel of Bucky Dennis by J. R. Parks
Claimed by K.R. Smith
Lethe by Arcadia Sparrow
Sonant by Arcadia Sparrow
Faces by Ron Sanders
Invasion of the Killer Tapeworms (screenplay) by T.A. Parker
36 Hours: the 2nd edition by Anthony Barnhart
Pumpkin Jack Skull and Other Tales of Terror by Jacob M. Drake
Notorious by John Jones
The Son of Man by CW Johnson
Mad Gods Volume I by Athanasios
Mad Gods Volume II by Athanasios
On Writing Well by Ron Sanders
Bedtime Story by Alim Kanoukoev
The Halloween Collection by Indie Eclective
Baptism by Fire (Interlude One of the Runequest) by Keira Ramsay
Scary Mary by S. A. Hunter
The Devil's Due by Michael Purcell

Here's an excerpt from John Jones's free horror novel, Notorious: 'He gestured to the back door, but Isabel simply came at him, as though she had not only not understood, but not heard him at all. With the right axe, she swung at his face, but the knife was on its way to point at her again, and he leaned back. The axe chopped at his wrist, cracking the ulna bone. He screamed and staggered back, dropping the knife, clutching the wound. Blood streamed out, splashing the floor and his trousers. Isabel came at him again, raising both axes. One hit his cheekbone ...