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Gone with the Trash - Patrick Lussier, Brad Rines

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Category: Funny Books and Stories
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Gone with the Trash - Patrick Lussier & Brad Rines
Ebook Synopsis

The Interstellar Detritus Reclamation Company is losing garbage scows at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, a ruthless terrorist organization is wreaking havoc across the galaxy, and the InterGalactic United Military is trying to identify the culprits and stave off the attacks. Gladius Slate, long-time Company operative and dedicated employee, stumbles upon a clue to the disappearing garbage vessels, and possibly a link to the terrorists. Reluctantly reunited with a former co-pilot and desperate to pass off the dangerous mission to higher authorities, he is pressured by the Company and the Union to sit tight and wait for help. But the longer he waits, the more he feels things are conspiring against him. Conflicted by duty, honor and self-preservation, Slate is forced to press on in the face of uncertain odds. Is it possible for a pair of unwitting garbage men to save an entire galaxy?