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The Adventures of Couch Potato - Nigel G. Mitchell

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Category: Funny Books and Stories
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The Adventures of Couch Potato by Nigel G. Mitchell
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Ebook Synopsis

Carl Potter was just a mild-mannered paper clip tester with an addiction to bad television until a freak accident involving a bolt of lightning and a cable box transformed him. Now he is Couch Potato, the Man of Starch. Read his bizarre and wacky adventures as he fights an invasion of alien furniture dedicated to devouring our world's supply of loose change, pens, and paper clips. Witness an epic battle between Couch Potato and a ruthless cult of Elvis impersonators out to destroy the hip-hop industry. Follow his struggle to stop an army of groundhogs from plunging our world into an eternal six months of winter. Couch Potato - he's fat, he's bald, and he's here to save the world.