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Mom Letters by Jack Brackitt

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Mom Letters by Jack Brackitt
Ebook Synopsis

Why was this book written? First, these are letters to my mom, and those reasons are explained in the 'What' section of the book. Beyond that, I had three objectives in writing this book: 1. Entertain the reader. 2. See if I could present an “easily identifiable world. ” 3. Deliver interesting information.

Why the letter format? The best reason: They started as letters, so keeping them letters makes sense. Second best reason: A collection of “letters to Mom” sets the parameters well. I limit myself to content that interests my mom, rather than trying to be all things to everyone. For instance, my mother enjoys looking at houses, so I make it a point to describe homes in the letters. Third best reason: A letter gets dashed off, so I can end it with a fast and friendly… Talk to you soon!