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Our Lady of the Lowriders by Doug Lambeth

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Our Lady of the Lowriders by Doug Lambeth
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Ebook Synopsis

Roger Donnelly’s best friend says that Jesus and the Virgin Mary have started talking to him.

Jesse Montoya is Roger’s all-time best pal, and he swears he’s having visions and can work miracles. Roger has stood by Jesse since the first grade, but as time passes and Jesse insists his mysticism is real, Roger reluctantly gets dragged into Jesse’s weird world of Catholic dreams and maybe-miracles.

OUR LADY OF THE LOWRIDERS is a comic novel, a trip through the ‘60s and ‘70s with a pair of best buddies trying to make sense out of growing up Catholic in L.A. suburbia. As they fall in love with irresistible girls, battle psycho nuns, and dodge random acts of an apparently pissed-off God, Roger and Jesse learn that the real miracles aren’t always so obvious.