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The Flair by Jonny Newell
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The Flair by Jonny Newell
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Ebook Synopsis

Reader age rating 17+

Flair would have been as famous as The Rolling Stones ... if only they'd sold as many records! Yet the cold hard truth is - more than most don't make it to the top! So take a ride with one of those bands - The Flair - as they write their own musical journey starting way back in the 70's. Filled with SEX, DRUGS and ROCK 'n' ROLL!  The 3 key ingredients to write their own story... oh let's not forget a good dose of shoolyard humour on the way. So buckle up the road can get pretty bumpy!


We came to that familiar problem that all new bands endure - the name! Man, we must have read every song title on all our records, read every TV show or character in TV Week. We even randomly opened pages in Cess’ Oxford dictionary and blindfoldedly picked words. Of course when one liked a name you were lucky if just one of the others did. We all had our favourites. I remember mine The Crusaders I thought it was f***ing great but only to hear my suggestion followed by a chorus of, “Get f**ked!”

The Flaps is what Stiffi wanted to call us; actually Cess liked that one until we explained to him the female genitalia connotations. Cess suggested names with every colour in his choices as that what all the famous groups he liked had - Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, but there was no way we were going to be called Pink Elephants. It was Joey who came up with the name and we all loved it immediately. We were simply - The Flair.

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