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So, You Want to go to Church? By EMS
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Category: Funny Books and Stories
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So, You Want to go to Church? By EMS
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Ebook Synopsis

In this free book, extensive use is made of sarcasm and quite often things people cherish are made to look silly. However, in a world where people have created things like a debutante ball, the Gong show, women’s studies, and roller derby it should not be surprising that many religious practices have come into existence which do not reflect God as much as poor decision making on the part of people..

This will not be as consistently hilarious as the book “So Your Want to go to College”. The reason is that college is a sort of an easy target. With churches, there can be things of value so the reader will be guided to try to find these while being hopefully entertained regarding those other church characteristics that are not so helpful.

The target audience are those who are completely dis-interested in God and religion and are looking for a good laugh, those who have had bad church experiences and are wondering why, those who have never been to a church and are hesitant and skeptical, those who want to learn more but find what they know already seems to make church inquiries a dubious proposition.

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