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Memoirs of a Bar Steward by Scott Evans
American Bhogee - A Hip Oddyssy by Tai Eagle Oak
Primrose Cottage by Paddy O'Farrell
MCC (Muddlecombe Cricket Club) by Paddy O'Farrell
The adventures of Dense Dimmock and Boris Seven Bellies Slobovitch By Paddy O'Farrell
Prometheus Fit To Be Tied by Paul Hawkins
Double Spaced Anachronistic Propaganda by Ethan Hunter
Morinda's Desire, a Vampire Story by Geoff Lynch
The Vampirening of Taffney St. Cloud by Paul Hawkins
The Temptationing of Taffney St. Cloud by Paul Hawkins
Class Warfare at the Convenience Store by Paul Hawkins
The Hole in the Wall by Clare Fisher
Loose Lips Sink Ships by Katrina LaCroix
An Introduction to the Corps of Marine Trained Messiahnists!  Mike Knowles
Banned: Cruising For A Boozing by Lacy Maran & Kevin Michael
Cotton Wool World by Anna Westwood
My Brother's a Spy by Alex Roysh
SLAM by Lewis Shiner
Follow That Cab by Ray Lawrence
Crafty Canine's 101 Ways to Foul Up Your Family by Linda Stone
My Name is Kyle by Mark Higham
The Longest Trip by Elaine Murphy
Spoof News 2007-2011: Volume 1 by Ben Macnair
Spoof News 2007-2011: Volume 2 by Ben Macnair
Death Revokes The Offer by Catharine Bramkamp
The Garden Wall by Lichfield Dean
Cyber Soldiers by Francis Branney
Seven Days Spain by Elvira Frankenheim
Blue Moon Lonely Hearts Club by Alexander Hope
Hobart at Home by Peter Barns

A snippet from humorous book, The Vampirening of Taffney St. Cloud by Paul Hawkins. This is a truly funny book: All of my worst fears about the depth and breadth of the involvement of the darkest forces of the supernatural in the vampirification of Miss Taffney St. Cloud are confirmed, but first I must take this opportunity to redress a few mistakes I made in first recounting her particulars. She is not fat. Big-boned certainly, when not in her vampirified form, but not precisely fat in the popular sense of the term. Well, not corpulent. I accidentally followed a truly fat person ...