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South of the Border with Chucho Villa
by Lester de Adorjany

Category: Memoir, Biography, Autobiography
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South of the Border with Chucho Villa by Lester de Adorjany
Free Ebook Synopsis

While working as a hunting and fishing guide along the Snake River in Idaho, between snowboarding and partying in Hemingway’s hometown of Ketchum, the author inadvertently ended up on the FBI’s ‘top forty’.  Fleeing like many before him over the border into Mexico, he spent a year in Baja where he started the first saltwater fly-fishing business on the Sea of Cortez, living in Los Barilles (named after barrels of treasure buried there by buccaneers who sacked the Manila Galleons carrying gold looted by Spanish Conquistadors), surfing along the cape, enjoying numerous adventures and a generally laid back but adventurous life in Mexico.  

Accompanied by a handful of ‘colourful’ characters that regularly flew in from California and other parts of the US in their private planes, this series of ‘long stories’ describes life along the cape of a part of a generation who spoke the ‘truth’ and dared to live it.  From surfing waves, to catching marlin, smoking pot, collecting underworld debts and hanging out with Mexican gangsters, this (sometimes fictionalised) journal describes Baja from the perspective of ‘outsiders’.