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Lives of the Conjurers, Volume One
By Professor Solomon

Category: Memoir, Biography, Autobiography
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Lives of the Conjurers, Volume One By Professor Solomon
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Each chapter of "Lives of the Conjurers" is a biography of a notable magician, illusionist, prestidigitator, or fraudulent medium of the past. The masters of deception!


HENRY SLADE - Was he a medium or a magician?
CAGLIOSTRO - The Mystery Man of Europe
KATTERFELTO - Lecturer, conjurer, and quack
SERVAISLEROY - He levitated a pianist and her piano
C.W. STARR - His vanishing act was for sheriffs
TORRINI - His greatest illusion was himself
SIGNOR BLITZ - What he pulled from a hat one night kept a family together
CHARLES MORRITT - His masterpiece was the Disappearing Donkey
THE BOTTLE CONJURER - How was he going to jump into a bottle?
MAELZEL - There was more to his Chess-playing Automaton than met the eye
ROBERT HELLER - His mindreading act mysti´Čüed audiences
THE BANG SISTERS - Both the spirits and the police visited their parlor
OTTO MAURER - His magic shop in a Bowery basement was spooky

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