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Lives of the Conjurers, Volume Two
By Professor Solomon

Category: Memoir, Biography, Autobiography
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Lives of the Conjurers, Volume Two By Professor Solomon
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The second volume of "Lives of the Conjurers" by Professor Solomon. This free ebook contains the biographies of sixteen exponents of their particular craft:

ICARDINI He seemed bewildered by his own magic

BLACKSTONE “The Last of the Great Magicians”

LEON MANDRAKE He wore a turban or a top hat — depending on the gig

DUNNINGER Was it true that the renowned mindreader couldn’t read the mind of a gnat?

DAVENPORT BROTHERS Their spirit cabinet brought them fame. But were they mediums or magicians?

PROFESSOR NEUMAN He had misread a mind — and the police hauled him away!

THE GREAT LESTER Did he have the exclusive rights to that name?

GEORGES MÉLIÈS A magician who transformed himself into a filmmaker.

CHARLIER No one knew where he came from — or where he finally went.

MAX MALINI He learned his trade as a youth, in a bar on the Bowery.

MYRUS THE MENTALIST An ordinary fellow with extraordinary powers?

JOHN CALVERT At the age of a hundred he was still performing.

DE SARAK Was he a Tibetan adept, with psychic powers, or an egregious fraud?

THE BANANA MAN From the pockets of his coat he pulled hundreds of bananas.

PROFESSOR SOLOMON As promised, he produced an elephant (or at least its trunk)

DANTINI THE MAGNIFICENT Magician-in-residence at a Baltimore bar.

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