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Aspie!  My Life With Asperger’s Syndrome
By Rod Pitcher

Category: Memoir, Biography, Autobiography
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Aspie! My Life With Asperger’s Syndrome. By Rod Pitcher
Ebook Synopsis

I have read a lot of books about Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), trying to get some idea of what’s happening to me. I’ve also been looking for ideas about the way other people have coped with it, to see if any of it helps me.

The greatest conclusion I’ve come to is that all Aspies are different. We all seem to react differently to having AS, we all seem to have different problems with it, we all seem to cope with the problems in different ways, we all seem to be so different that I sometimes wonder if we are all talking about the same thing!

One of the problems that I have with most books about AS is that they are highly personal accounts of one person’s experience. Rarely do the writers include information about other people’s experience to help broaden the reader’s understanding. While this approach is, perhaps, understandable, it does, at times, make the experiences recounted seem remote and too different from one’s own to be relevant..

Most of the books that do provide a more general coverage of AS are written by psychologists. While this information is useful, the necessary clinical detachment with which they write sometimes makes it seem very remote and impersonal. Often the technical language can make it difficult for the lay person to properly understand what is being said.

This book is my personal account of how I see myself as an Aspie, how I deal with it, the way I am affected by it and how I have evolved a way of living with it. I also introduce some experiences from other people’s books that have helped me, as a contrast with my own, to provide a broader perspective. My experience may not be the same as yours, but I hope that in describing my experience in this book I can help you in some way.

This book is my answers to my questions and my problems. It may not be yours. Rather, consider it to be an introduction, somewhere to start looking in your own personal quest to understand yourself as an Aspie.

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