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Our Invisible Bodies by Jay Alfred

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Genre/Category: Mind and Body, Spiritual
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Our Invisible Bodies by Jay Alfred
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Ebook Synopsis

Also by Jay Alfred: Between the Moon and the Earth and Brains and Realities

This book is a popular introduction to Dark Plasma Theory which discusses mounting evidence that Earth may be sitting inside a halo of exotic dark matter particles in the  plasma state i.e. "dark plasma". This dark halo is believed to have provided the habitat for dark plasma life forms to evolve, including entities that we have loosely identified as ghosts, aliens and angels. Dark Plasma Theory provides a scientific framework to study these exotic life forms, some of which have formed symbiotic relationships with humans and co-evolved with them. 
"There's nothing parapsychological/paranormal about it, we just haven't had the science to explain it until now." Amazon Books Reviewer.    Author's Website: