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Life Explained Tru.1 by Chad Cooke

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Genre/Category: Mind and Body, Spiritual
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Life Explained Tru. 1 by Chad Cooke
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Ebook Synopsis

Reaching enlightenment through Oneness.


All things you can see are God. The obvious that is anything you can touch or feel or the bottom of the ocean. Man, space, the universe all of that exists, and it is God. A plague, aids, cancer, and even racism, massacres, genocide, all this is God. If you watch a baby stomp an ant to death. You might say poor ant, depending on where you are from. Well, God made that kid stomp that ant. The Ant is God, so is the child. For the parents, parent, or anyone to scold the child or teach. Whatever the scenario, wrong or right, something is being learnt. No one was there and saw. The point is God is always teaching a lesson. These are all gifts from God. God is the teacher, also the student, and the victim. The statue of liberty in New York, or the pyramids in Egypt, is all God. God is the total master of illusions. The best way to hide this power is by giving you the power and have you see it and touch it and smell it, on a daily basis. This has become a norm that you forget, or just had not had a thought about, the physical and how it’s all God and how every object is in a perfect position and is no accident. Know that all physical things are also God.