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Mindipulation By Tygo Lee
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Genre/Category: Mind, Body, Spirituality
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Mindipulation By Tygo Lee
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Ebook Synopsis

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Peace is a state of mind, which leads to a state of being. Peace is harmony, which is born of love.

Mindipulation is a down-to-earth book focused on the mind games we routinely play—all with too much head and way too little heart. You will better understand the depth and effects of our conditioning and subjective belief systems that are so ingrained that they have been transformed into unquestioned and objective facts that are not to be tinkered with…under penalty of ridicule, rejection, or even violence.

“Free will” thus in part becomes a philosophical fantasy with the real-life puppeteering that goes on and that often keeps us from enjoying our lives to their fullest. Mindipulation is about “cutting the strings” so as to enhance our relationships with others based on the dignity of the individual and a respect for the natural diversity found around us.

How about a fresh outlook for a brighter and more fulfilling future with Tygo’s innumerable observations, reflections, and thought-provoking and entertaining tales on a great variety of common-day topics of importance to us all? Enough of this mindipulation! Be free. Stay cool. Be you!

Mindipulation is one of the many Self-Help/Fantasy Storybooks in Tygo Lee’s collection.

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