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Tales 4 U By Tygo Lee
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Genre/Category: Mind, Body, Spirituality
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Tales 4 U By Tygo Lee
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Ebook Synopsis

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Are you stuck in the fast lane? Tales 4 U is a unique publication focused on our enjoying the trip along life’s road.

Excessive worry, on-going stress, detrimental egoism, blind conformity, rampant materialism, harmful competitive behavior, and stagnant relationships are just a few of the topics explored by the reflective mind and fantastical stories of Tygo Lee in Tales 4 U.

This book is a compilation of 26 all-original tales from the author’s works Funked Up and Tuff Times—stories which magically unfold fantasy into our everyday reality and help us find ways to stabilize the ups-and-downs of our oftentimes stressful and hectic daily existence.

With Tygo’s truly unique writing style, you’ll enjoy a mind-weaving mix of everything from serious observations to off-the-wall humor - all centered on how we can improve our relationships and lead more fulfilling and happier lives.

How about slowing down and mellowing out a bit so as to fully enjoy the journey ahead? No need to slam on the brakes, but a few rest stops along the way could be very invigorating. Here’s for a new you and a fresh outlook on your life!

Tales 4 U is one of the many Self-Help/Fantasy Storybooks in Tygo Lee’s collection.

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