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Be Happier in One Hour
By D.E. Hardesty

Genre/Category: Mind, Body, Spirituality
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Be Happier in One Hour
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Ebook Synopsis

To be happier, you have to learn to find happiness inside of yourself and bring it into your life. This book shows you how to start to do that.
   In the end, isn’t happiness the purpose of all of our hard work? Of course it is. We want to be happy. We want to be fulfilled. We want to live with purpose. However, working hard, acquiring a lot of stuff, and being “successful” does not guarantee happiness.
   The truth is, we all have the natural ability to be happy right now. At this moment, as you are reading this, you can be happy. Nothing needs to change in your life. You can be happy just the way you are.
   And here is a bonus. Psychologists tell us that happy people have better relationships, better health, are more successful and live longer lives. They are not happier because of these things; instead they have these things because they are already happy. It is not success that makes you happy. It is happiness that makes you successful.
   The way to approach life is to learn to be happy first. That’s right. Just learn to be happy. By doing so, chances are all of the good things in life that you want will come to you. And, all of the time you are waiting for them you will be happy. If they never come, you will still be happy.
   So, this book is about being happier. It is about changing your approach to life so that the natural happiness that is already inside of you can come into your life.
   It takes about an hour to read this book. During this hour, you will read about different ways of being happier, and each one includes something you can do right now to make yourself immediately happier. Anyone who reads this book and tries the exercises can be happier in one hour.

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