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Silence is the Way: The Teachings of Buddha.
By Swami Dhyan Giten

Genre/Category: Mind and Body, Spiritual
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Silence is the Way: The Teachings of Buddha. By Swami Dhyan Giten
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This book is a work of art, and a pleasure to read: a compilation of lectures during Satsang with spiritual teacher Swami Dhyan Giten on the teachings of Buddha.

Giten is a master in transmitting the light and joy, without too many words. Buddha's greatest message, his gift to humanity, is the message of no-self, anatta, silence and emptiness, says Giten in this book. Through using Buddha's wisdom as a jumping board, Giten gives life to words that has the power to change how we see the world.

Satsang with Giten is a direct insight and realization of being. I was so afraid that I would lose the silence that I had found during satsang in India, but I found the silence again in satsang with Giten. This book is for everybody that wants to find a new dimension of awareness in their live, which will make you endlessly enriched and blessed. Delight in the call of the ocean. Capture the silence and allow yourself the fragrance of truth, joy and light.

From the foreword by Satyama Padma:

"Giten is really a Master of love and silence." Prem Pathik, Nepal

"The religious words that Giten formulate can make anyone mentally stunned. These words create an inner silence and a deep spiritual wonder for life. Giten has shaken me. I hope the readers also discover his greatness." Brage Norin, professor in theoretical physics, Sweden

"Thank you for everything good that you do. I am happy for all the good work that you are doing to wake up humanity." Lena Kristina Tuulse, psychologist, founder of The University of Life, the oldest and largest growth place in Sweden

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