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Sea Change by Mike Dixon

Free ebook: jobs in tourism
Genre/Category: Work Ebook
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Sea Change by Mike Dixon
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Ebook Synopsis

Mike started his working life as an astrophysicist, became a government officer, moved to public relations and entered the tourism industry via scuba diving. He made more money out of tourism than any of his other ventures but it wasn’t easy. In this free ebook book he gives advice on how to make the sea change from a salaried job to tourism..


People in the tourism industry have the right idea. They combine work with pleasure and have a great time. The opportunities are limitless: hotel, motel, pub, restaurant, fishing, scuba, horse rid-ing, boating, sky diving ... the list goes on and on. You could turn your hobby into a job.

It's a marvellous idea but don't rush into it. The rewards can be great but many business ventures fail and that's something to be avoided. Failure often occurs when people make career changes in middle life.

I started my career as a research astrophysicist and ended up owning a backpacker resort. Between these extremes, I worked in public administration, public relations, journalism and the diving industry. It was a slow evolution from one job to the next and I learnt a lot on the way.

I offer the following advice for those who are planning a major change in lifestyle. It comes free of charge and you won't be pestered by adverts. I'll start with a list of Dos and Don'ts and follow up with some examples: ...

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