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The Hologram by Jeff Behnke

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Genre/Category: New Age
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The Hologram by Jeff Behnke
Ebook Synopsis

I am a logically and emotionally neutral human being. If you were to talk to me, you would notice that it is hard to distinguish a charge one way or another. It doesn’t seem as if I am negative at all, but it doesn’t seem as if I’m all that positive, either. If I see a group of people being positive or negative, I have no desire to join them. I am not a killjoy, but I sure am not on anyone’s invite list as being the life of a party. I would much rather sit behind a window, observing a party rather than being in the midst of it. I have spent my entire life diving into the depths of humanity wondering why this is, and most often come up empty. By reading newspapers, going to church on Sunday, listening to people tell tales of their misery and success, I get the impression I have misunderstood some fundamental element of what it means to be human.