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Nukes and Nostradamus
by Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.

Genre/Category: New Age
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Nukes and Nostradamus by Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.
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Ebook Synopsis

There's no need for me to repeat the life story of Nostradamus. Books about his life have been written profusely and well. Additionally, there have been excellent video productions about his life and predictions. My intent therefore is to concentrate on a dozen of his verses that seem to indicate the use of nuclear weapons in World War II, and in a horrible future war that may be just around the corner (hope not), directed by the third tyrant. To date the third tyrant has not yet been identified. Napoleon is believed to be the first tyrant that Nostradamus describes in his verses, Hitler the second, and the one that I just referred to will be Nostradamus' third tyrant, also known as Nostradamus' third antichrist. It is not my intent to alarm anyone, merely to lay out the facts as I understand them, and let you be the judge. However, they say a stitch in time saves nine.