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Om Shanti… 24hrs of a multinational Joboholic
Trance Fiction By Swami Hridayananda

Genre/Category: New Age
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Om Shanti… 24hrs of a multinational Joboholic  By Swami Hridayananda
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Ebook Synopsis

A contemporary cynical narration of the life of a multinational employee through the eyes of a modern Swami who unravels the secrets of happy living within 24 hours to revive the battered spirit of the Joboholic.

Joboholic works with a multinational corporation as an editor. He quits his journalist job, thinking that being a corporate executive would be cozier and stress-less. But soon he realizes that his life is becoming more stressful than it used to be. He reaches a stage where he does not even have the energy and awareness to realize that his life is no more in his control. Because, he has fallen prey to the magical spell of the multinational corporate giant ghost who made him a Joboholic.

Meanwhile, he comes in contact with Swami Hridayananda who imparts the secrets to "Corporate Rat-hood" which would liberate him from the invisible chains of multinational corporate giant ghost. As you read this trance fiction you will identify with most of the contemporary issues that you see around from a microscopic view. With his satirical humor the Swami exposes and attacks lots of current issues that bug the society due to corruption & exploitation by politicians and so called godmen, and even your own personal negligence.

As every page pricks you with hard nails, it also tickles your senses with laughter as it motivates you to be more aware of your life and to make it happy and interesting -- finding the simple truth of life.

A unique fiction with a vision and mission...