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Traditional Greek Dream Oracles
By Tanya Ferris

Genre/Category: New Age
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Traditional Greek Dream Oracles
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Ebook Synopsis

Beliefs about dreams and their interpretation differ from place to place and from time to time, according to the people's living conditions. In general, those who live a natural life are in closer contact not only with their subconscious but with the astral plains as well. That's why people of past generations, who lived simpler lives in an unpolluted environment, knew how to explain their dreams accurately and correctly.

The dream oracles contained in this book are the result of many years of personal research: I have taken into account the interpretations given to me by my grandmother, who knew how to interpret dreams correctly, as well as those given to me by many people of her generation. In addition, recording my own dreams for decades, has always proved the truth of the oracles included in this dream-book.