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The Order of Cosmic Consciousness.
By High Priest Ashram

Genre/Category: New Age
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The Order of Cosmic Consciousness. By High Priest Ashram
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An enlightening journey into the Cosmos, what it is and the part we have to play. We all were created for something bigger and we all want to satisfy the burning desires of our hearts, we want to be more and we want to help others. So take up the Cosmic call and see what the new meaning of life has for you.


Greetings to you, I greet you in the name of the all Mighty Cosmos.

If we look back in time we will see many civilizations and cultures of the past worshipped the heavens or the stars, what was their fascination with it, why did it become the center of their very existence and why did they always do their best to appease the heavens? Failure in some cultures resulted in death that’s how serious this was taken. But what did they see then that we don’t see now? What has changed over the expanse of time? Of all the things they could have turned to why turn to what’s above, why? When man first needed to navigate the seas where did he look to? We all know it’s the stars; it became man’s aerial guide to what was below. Because of the stars man was able to explore new lands and in turn create civilizations that are present today. It was always looking above that determined what would happen below back then. The Cosmos was the salvation of man opening up the world to man and his religious beliefs in ways never dreamed possible. Some might say but many people were killed because of that, but how different is the world today, so many people today are being killed in the name of religion. How does this differ now compared to then, you see then there was a designated purpose for what transpired and now it’s indiscriminate, its whole sale slaughter, don’t get me wrong I in no way condone killing of any kind but I’m merely pointing out the differences between then and now. You see over time we have detached ourselves from what originally lead to our creation and existence. The Cosmos is all powerful and then like now it has a profound effect on our lives, it’s given us over time the various tools we needed in order to grow and advance ourselves, it has various forces at play that determine our very existence. What do I mean look at the Sun it provides for us in so many ways, without it life would not exist on Earth, if we look at the Moon it has an effect on the tides and we all have seen what happen if water is not controlled it has the power to destroy this planet and so it goes on. We are the mercy of the Cosmos if we look at it in reality. We should always give it the respect and adoration that it deserves.

Have you ever looked at the stars at night or just stared into space on a bright sunny day? When you did this were you touched in some way, did you feel deep inside you that you are part of something so much bigger? Did you feel you needed to find your place and be part of what you were feeling? Why did you feel this way and what evoked these feelings within you? If you did not already know it’s the Cosmos and it’s been calling to you. You see all creation has its origin in the Cosmos how it really began is unknown to us, its part of the great mystery that is life. In life when someone calls you what do you normally do? You come, so why when the Cosmos calls us do we not come, do we not respond? It’s simple we are either too scared to admit to ourselves what the reality is or we are scared about what people are going to say or we didn’t know how to answer that calling. Let me tell you now don’t worry anymore I’m here and I want to take you on your journey of enlightenment, your journey of purpose, discovery and finally self-fulfillment and enrichment. The greatest wealth you will ever find lies within you having harmony and order within. If you don’t you will be like a ship on the ocean with no rudder, you will always have no direction. Don’t ever think of yourself as being something small in the greater scheme of things but think of yourself as being big in the greater extent of things. You must always elevate yourself, rise above everything, you see things that are at the bottom never get to the top and it’s within humanity in general to always to get to the top, the top of what is always so important, you have to satisfy yourself your inner soul and make yourself one with the Cosmos and when you are one, you are whole. Remember this it takes more than earthly riches to bring true happiness, in most cases it’s a false one. If you ask some of the world’s greatest people if money brought them true happiness, they will always tell you it did not. Money is a man-made entity not a Cosmic endowment. Cosmic endowments satisfy us on all levels, make us whole, brings peace to our lives and ensures true harmony. Be one with yourself and make the world part of your life and not the reason for you having a life. Love, peace, order and harmony to you.