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Your Lucky Number - Your Birth Number
By Baldev Bhatia

Genre/Category: New Age
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Your Lucky Number - Your Birth Number. By Baldev Bhatia
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This book reveals the facts of numbers, which are ruling in your life based on the science called Numerology: the wonderful Science OF NUMBERS. It is a cosmic Science, which reveals the hidden mysteries of numbers. Its origin can be traced to earlier times, when a person first began to identify various causes, in his immediate behaviour, environment, and his nature of controlling over his temperament. Research and deep studies done in the past have revealed that every number has a different characteristic and has different occult significance with very specific power. This power of difference in numbers has reflected not only a distinctive character on the basis of their qualities, with the cosmic force, and influencing the laws of nature by governing them in different ways.

The commencement begins with NUMBER ONE, indicating a powerful dynamic force, and great abilities over everything. These are followed by number 2, 3, 4 and 0. This zero number has not been assigned any distinct role, but in association with other numbers it does play an important part. As anything multiplied by zero becomes zero. There are various types of numbers. These are called Birth Numbers (the prime number), the LUCKY Numbers, the Year Numbers and the Name Numbers. As such there are also the House Numbers, the Vehicle numbers, your Telephone Numbers etc.

Now these different numbers of an individual when vibrating and influencing well, life becomes much more interesting and fruitful for the person..

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