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The new age book, Reincarnation and the Law of Karma, which is one of the many free ebook downloads here on obooko, gets deep into the topic of rebirth and how our understanding of reincarnation has changed throughout history and also how culture and religion can affect how we view things. Reincarnation is an area where religion and thinking cross over as some of the “traditional” religions have reincarnation as part of their belief.

Past Life Tourism, also available here on obooko, is one of the free new age books. Maybe you were a powerful statesman in the middle ages or a soldier in a civil war or perhaps in the English aristocracy?

Weird Beliefs is one of our occult ebook that pulls together a plethora of different things that humans from around the world believe in that you won’t find discussed at your local Church. Want to get more info on Satanism or Zombies or Snake Handlers? You can find some interesting facts about what strange and weird things people have as a new age religion

Nostradamus and his predictions of war and apocalyptic destruction of the earth have been fascinating for many years as he seems to have got so many things right. The newage e-book Nukes and Nostradamus on obooko discusses the detail of some of his predictions that have come true and what might happen next. Unfortunately, it seems to be all death and destruction, but being better informed means you should be better prepared.

If the apocalypse is a little too depressing, then check out Dream Interpretations which provides a guide to what dreams really mean. It’s a fascinating area of study and may help explain what some of the weird things we dream about are trying to tell us. Sorting out thoughts or predicting the future? Or going on strange out of body journeys?

You will find new age books and free e-books you can download on astrology and the zodiac, a very popular way to make sense of people and our place in the universe. Something that we are all superficially familiar with but unlikely to know much detail. There is more to the subject than the daily horoscope in the newspaper..

Free New Age, Astrology and Occult books

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Atlantis, the Deluge and the End of the Ice Age by Zarin
Lift The Veil: Liberate Your Psychic Abilities by Denise Freeman
Weird Beliefs by Barry Wilson
Fringe Knowledge for Beginners by Montalk
The Hologram by Jeff Behnke
The Great Simulator - Part 1 by David McCready
Nukes and Nostradamus by Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.
School of Out-of-Body Travel by Michael Raduga
The Door to the Secret City ( Freddie Brenner Series) - Kathy J. Forti
The Book of Nothing - HJ Alden
The Hexagrams of the Book of Changes by Michael Graeme
Time Travel, Marilyn Monroe, Dinosaurs, and Aliens By Alexander Popoff
Heat Stroke by Mike Crowson (fiction)
Only the Darkness by Mike Crowson (fiction)
The Rings of Poseidon by Mike Crowson (fiction)
Dream Interpretations by Gustavus Hindman Miller
Our Invisible Bodies by Jay Alfred
Between the Moon and Earth by Jay Alfred
Brains and Realities by Jay Alfred
Deliverance of Love, Light and Truth by David Knight
Reincarnation and the Law of Karma by William Walker Atkinson
The Human Aura by Swami Panchadasi
The Runes for Beginners by Sarah Seger
The Path of Splitness by Indrek Pringi
Back Again by Larry Rich
Past Life Tourism by Barbara Ford-Hammond
An Unavoidable Conclusion About Us by R. Hamilton
If God Were a Space Alien by James A. Hamilton
Infinity Plus One by Sander R.B.E. Beals
Art of War once Moore by Sander R.B.E. Beals

A short excerpt from Zarin's new age free ebook, Atlantis, the Deluge and the End of the Ice Age: 'If Atlantis existed in the Atlantic Ocean and was as large as Plato described, such a land mass would have affected not only the ocean currents within the Atlantic Ocean, but also most world-wide rain and wind patterns as well. The Gulf Stream, that currently keeps Northern Europe warm and keeps rainfall from reaching Northern Africa, would have been severely altered by a huge land mass near where the Sargasso Sea now exists. Strangely, the mass of Atlantis ...