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Microscopy of Astrology and Numerology. By Baldev Bhatia
Traditional Greek Dream Oracles BY Tanya Ferris
The Order of Cosmic Consciousness. By High Priest Ashram
Your Lucky Number - Your Birth Number. By Baldev Bhatia
How Strong is your Birth Number? By Baldev Bhatia

Spirit Guide by Raym is a popular new age free book download; here's a snippet: 'We are thinking, self aware beings with free will. Everything in this existence is created by and is part of us all. As aspects of the limitless Being that we are, we are everything. Our consciousness is in everything and is reflected back to us in everything we interact with or create. As aspects of Oneness having an individual human experience, enjoying free will on this planet now, we have the power to create as we wish. Most of us have just forgotten how to access it ...